How it Works

Electronic Confirmation
of Medical Consent

Our proprietary, cloud-based, electronic confirmation of consent protects both patients and medical providers by ensuring that there is a clear understanding between the patient and provider regarding the medical procedure to be performed, the risks and the benefits associated with the procedure to be performed, and any alternative treatments available.

Want to gain additional clinic time within your current working hours, and reduce your litigation risk?

Patients will be able to complete the surgical consent process remotely. We have the ability to confirm the patient's competency and, cognition to give informed consent, and verify understanding of the procedure details, risks, and benefits while meeting the CMS Informed Consent standards.

Want to reduce staff unproductive time explaining telehealth to patients prior to their visit in order to obtain consent to provide telehealth and the consent to treat?

The telehealth visit can run seamlessly without the staff or provider interaction. The patient will be prepared for their telehealth visit and the consent to treat will already be signed. As everyone's time is valuable, this allows the patient to be prepared for what to expect during this telehealth visit.

Want to reduce the % of surgical cases that are being canceled within 24 hours of day-of procedure?

Anesthesiologist-focused platform with built in pre-operative risk algorithm designed to identify high-risk patients while confirming that all necessary pre-op testing/imaging has been completed.


Want to improve your Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to meet CMS consent standards to increase revenue?

We have a solution for you that will streamline your consenting process while abiding by CMS standards. This service will increase the productivity of the providers and staff while improving the patient's engagement and understanding.