Utilization of Confirmed Consent when providing “Hospice 101”


Hospice care is a very personal type of care and involves much more than simply the patient themselves. Oftentimes the family and close friends are heavily involved in this process, and the patient care expected from hospice nurses is very high. The standard of care here must be top-notch, and cultivate the best experience possible for everyone involved. There are always steps you can take and new resources you can leverage as a Hospice company to better achieve this. Confirmed Consent’s platform can truly help hospice providers elevate their practice and the level of care that is given to patients. 

If you’re a hospice clinician or operator you know that entering into hospice care is truly a tenuous time for the patient and their families. Because of that human touch in medicine, and the connection and support that healthcare workers provide, this time proves to be invaluable in terms of building a relationship with the patient and family members to truly provide the high quality patient care. 

One of the chief complaints regarding the patient consent process for hospice care is the initial 30 – 45 minute encounter, and the fact that it is spent going over redundant information; such as, “hospice 101” that takes away from the time spent building the relationship with the patient, rather seeming clinical and distant. This is unfortunate because this is the first touch point, that then sets the tone for the rest of the experience.

At Confirmed Consent, we have created a workflow that allows you as the clinician to deliver as much information in as much detail as possible before the first on-site visit via a user friendly online platform, for the patient/family to review at their leisure. They receive a wealth of information via the platform and are able take their time, revisit, and review with multiple people at different times. This means that when your clinical team arrives to meet with the patient and family members they can focus on building rapport with the family and providing the best service and support, rather than focusing on the basic redundant information and paperwork.

The average Hospice provider admits roughly 100 patients a month and 45 minutes per admit is spent completing the informed consent process. We can save you the time on the front end of about 20-30 minutes per patient, as they may go over general information and paperwork prior to the on-site visit. Not only does this provide a better experience, it allows you to start your relationship on a personal note rather than administrative, but it also saves an incredible amount of time per hospice nurse. Confirmed Consent can save the hospice nurse between 40 and 50 hours a month, leaving more time and resources to care for the patients, and spread their energy in other ways rather than the clerical part of consenting. 

Hospice provides care and support for the patients and their families on good days, difficult days, and last days. We can help ease the burden of the consent process for the nurses so that there is more time for the care that matters.

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