Confirmed Consent is not just an electronic informed consent delivery tool, but rather, a comprehensive, web-based, content delivery and assessment tool designed to standardize the way you deliver procedure-specific information to each and every patient regardless of time constraints and interpersonal dynamics. The Confirmed Consent system also ensures comprehension, competence, and cognition when obtaining consent to proceed with a procedure. See below for advantages of the proprietary Confirmed Consent tool, and learn how the process works!


Increased Satisfaction

Standardization of the consent process falls in line with increased emphasis being placed on patient empowerment, comprehensive patient education, and improved provider-patient dialogue. By receiving more detailed information, patients first become more educated, and have a better understanding, which results in better choices, and in turn their perception of the consent process improves leading to increased overall satisfaction. Confirmed Consent ensures that patients have the means to receive your valuable counseling at the comfort of their home without the inherent time constraints of an office visit.


Decreased Litigation

Studies have consistently demonstrated that standardized consent processes lead to improved patient safety, satisfaction, and knowledgeable decision making, with less dissatisfaction with the outcomes and decreased frequency of legal claims.


Increased Productivity

By moving the patient counseling and consent process to Confirmed Consent, you’ll improve your productivity & office efficiency in many ways. First, the time otherwise spent on counseling may be used to improve practice profitability. Secondly, with recently established CMS (and other payer) goals for improved consent and educations, you’ll decrease claim disputes, repayment demands, or penalties.


Ensured Competence & Cognition

At Confirmed Consent, we didn’t invent the informed consent. We just found a way to confirm it! Using our proprietary algorithms and tools, with a few simple questions and tasks, we not only ensure the patient understands and agrees with the proposed procedure, but we also confirm that he/she has the competence and cognition to make a voluntary, informed choice.




We designed Confirmed Consent with patient confidentiality as a top priority. Our system is fully HIPAA compliant using SSL and AWS servers that ensure compliance with both the HITECH 2010 standard and the Omnibus rule. Rest assured that at Confirmed Consent, we take the privacy of both our client’s and our clients’ patient’s very seriously.


Cloud Based

Your portal and Confirmed Consent’s assessment tools are on the Cloud ensuring that you and your patients will always have reliable and fast access to our service line.