More than an E – Consent Platform

One very important thing that we want everyone to know about us is that yes, we are a digital consent platform, but that we are so much more than that! Let’s put it into perspective: you could say that your iphone is great for playing music, but that doesn’t begin to cover the extent of its purpose and what it does! We’re on a mission to change your view of informed consent. More specifically, our mission is to educate patients and protect providers with the best practices in medicine through a multi-functional virtual consent platform. (For more information on who we are check out our last post: Origin Story!) 

At Confirmed Consent we do more than just get an electronic consent. We truly make sure the patient understands the procedure they are undergoing and, to date, we are the only platform that does any kind of cognition assessment for true understanding. There are so many things that can get in the way of a patient feeling comfortable and really knowing the details of what they are consenting to. With our platform each patient is watching a video from their doctor or surgeon describing their procedure in length, this ensures that they hear it and don’t skip right to a consent line to sign. They can watch it over and over, show their family, and hear broken down what they will be undergoing and what the risks are. After being tested on the information only then are they brought to a consent screen where they may sign. 60 percent of patients don’t even read consent forms before signing, much less understand them. There is a reason our doctors went through medical school and maybe we didn’t, but  sometimes it’s hard to understand that jargoney language that these paper forms are riddled with and these terms that we are agreeing to in a consent. 30 percent of malpractice claims are on allegation of poor communication/consent/delegation of consent to nurse/MA. There is a better way, and that way is Confirmed Consent. Our cognitive testing helps achieve both true understanding and the confidence to sign, and really is catered for the patient. However, it also allows the surgeon to do so much more with the time they get back from getting consent from every individual patient, unlocking up to 80 hours annually. 

We can give you confidence in every situation, whether you are the doctor, the patient, or anyone else involved in the situation! From the mind of a doctor, a psychologist, and a lawyer, our platform was born to elevate the perioperative experience to the best it could possibly be in every aspect. Oh, and like we said, we also make sure to get that electronic consent too!

As always, feel free to email us with questions at and check out our website to request a demo at Stay tuned for our next blog post!