About Us

Our Story

We’ve been there… presented with a diagnosis and a treatment option, we were handed a hastily filled out form to sign, granting permission to proceed with a procedure. On some occasions, someone other than the practitioner doing the procedure counseled us. We found this unacceptable, especially in an era of advancing technology, increasing medical error rates, and decreasing human interaction. Leveraging our collective experiences in Medicine, Psychology, and Law we decided to take an archaic system of obtaining consent and convert it to a contemporary process where the interests of both the provider and the patient are best served. We view ourselves as the advocate for both parties, and pride ourselves on having developed a process that should and will lead to less confusion, improved communication, better understanding, and overall improvement in satisfaction for all parties involved.


Sina Haeri

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Sina’s experience as a physician, spouse, and father has placed him on both sides of the consent process, which served as a catalyst behind the creation of Confirmed Consent. Utilizing his training in Medicine & Health Services Administration, he co-created the algorithm that powers Confirmed Consent. He is presently a double board certified physician practicing Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Austin, Texas.

Todd Hale

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

Richard, who goes by his middle name Todd, has vast experience and training in Industrial/Organizational Psychology & clinical research have proved invaluable in creating a marriage between medicine and psychology; which was a critical component in the creation of Confirmed Consent. Leveraging his expertise in Psychology, he co-created the Confirmed Consent process. He currently leads a Perinatal Research Program in Austin, which includes a large-scale FDA trial. Todd earned his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Capella University and completed his dissertation on the antecedent factors that lead to employee engagement in the workplace.

Mikisha Haeri

Chief Legal Officer

Mikisha is a seasoned attorney; however, it was her experience as a mother and a patient that cemented her interest in the improvement of the informed consent process. Utilizing her knowledge in law, her focus in the creation of Confirmed Consent has been to ensure that the legal requirements of the consent process have been addressed in the algorithm. A graduate of Vermont Law School & UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, she assists start-ups in navigating the legal steps of forming and launching a business.