We're on a Mission to
Change Your View of Informed Consent

Leveraging our collective experiences in Medicine, Psychology, and Law we decided to take an archaic system of obtaining consent and convert it to a contemporary process where the interests of both the provider and the patient are best served

We’ve been there… presented with a diagnosis and a treatment option, we were handed a hastily filled out form to sign, granting permission to proceed with a procedure. On some occasions, someone other than the practitioner doing the procedure counseled us. We found this unacceptable, especially in an era of advancing technology, increasing medical error rates, and decreasing human interaction.

Educate patients and protect providers with best practices in medicine through a multi-functional virtual consent platform.


Empower the physician-patient relationship with a sense of trust through proper digital health education.

professional team

Meet Our Leadership Team

If we had a ‘secret sauce’ it would be our awesome people. 

Brittney Cini<br> MBA, CPC

Brittney Cini

Chief Executive Officer
Todd Hale<br>PHD

Todd Hale

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder
Joshua Eckelberry<br>MBA

Joshua Eckelberry

Chief Business Development Officer
Alex Schlamp

Alex Schlamp

Chief Technology Officer
Sina Haeri<br>MD, MHSA

Sina Haeri

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder
Mikisha Harrison<br>JD, MAC

Mikisha Harrison

Chief Legal Officer