Standardization of the consent process allows each patient to receive the same
comprehensive procedure-specific information in an easy to understand manner without provider bias, or time

Increased Satisfaction

More informed patients have higher satisfaction, more realistic expectations, and
are more cooperative therefore increasing satisfaction with the process for both the provider and the


As advocates for both the patient and the provider, our comprehensive process
ensures patient comprehension, competency, cognition, and voluntariness in electing to proceed with the
proposed procedure.

Reduced Litigation

Well-informed patients are more satisfied, and file fewer legal claims.


We’ve been there… presented with a diagnosis and a treatment option, we were handed a
hastily filled out form to sign, granting permission to proceed with a procedure. On some occasions, someone other
than the practitioner doing the procedure counseled us. We found this unacceptable, especially in an era of advancing
technology, increasing medical error rates, and decreasing human interaction.

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